Model: Minjee MUA/Stylist: Nhi Notes:  I wonder if all the girls out there realize that most guys (including myself) prefer it when you ladies are just normal, without much makeup.  We like you in t-shirts and jeans, scars and all…  Granted, the first images are beauty shots for a specific portfolio purpose, but if it […]

Ring Light

Model: Frannie MUA / Hair: Nhi Lighting Assistance and Props: BRC and PT I draw, I take photos, I write about it.  Thanks to the team for all the help.  Thanks to BRC for letting me take his ABR800 ring light out for a test drive.  It definitely produces some blinding light.  Even shooting through its “portal” has […]

Foveon Strobist

Technical Notes: Actually a mixture of modeling light photos with the Canon and strobist shots with the Sigma SD14. Normally I shoot Nikon and off camera speedlights via CLS and TTL, but this time Pocket Wizard strobes and manual settings.  I prefer the creative variety that shooting CLS gives you, especially outside, like being able to shoot f/2.8 or […]