Laos: Director’s Cut

Life can either be a tragedy or a comedy.  I know almost all of my posts recapping my 15 days in Laos have been about the struggles and problems in current day Laos, from the point of view of an artist/photographer, but I did manage to have some fun.  In all the other posts I conveniently left out: that even during the flooding, villagers were happily eating and playing cards on the side of the road (sabai sabai), that even though Lao people earn so little, they still manage to drink Beer Lao and splurge on food, that even though few people have computers at home, kids over there are also crazy about the social networking sites, that every Lao family and business loves the beautiful calendars as much as me, that all the drives leading up to a serious event our group was as chatty and raucous as a high school field trip, and at the end of the day and during the quiet time between strife and struggle, people of Laos (us included) just want to sit back and enjoy life.

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