Notes: The photos all mean something to me, because these are the people in my life, but in selecting these particular shots, I pulled the ones shot with my various gear.  As with many things, edible and photographic, variety is the spice of life.  I would have to say the Fuji Instax has the best colors (it is film after all), the Nikon 1 probably the best camera for food photography (vivid clarity makes everything look delicious), the Pro Pack good for messups, and the Harinezumi with a charm out of the box that only an artist could appreciate.

Olympus Micro 4/3 camera and Leica 50mm f/2

Digital Harinezumi

Digital Harinezumi

Nikon 1, Sauce I perfected at Mini Hot Pot: ★★★★★

Instagram of my Harinezumi, Canon and Steadicam combo

Nikon 1 and C Mount Lens, Nam Phuong Bo Luc Lac: ★★★★★

Gameboy Camera, crazy how the pixelation still gives you an idea of the scene

Digital Harinezumi

Polaroid Pro Pack

Polaroid Pro Pack

Fujifilm X100, Right after drawing class

Nikon 1, Vintage Pizzeria Thin Crust Slice with Artichoke: ★★★★★

Nikon 1, Pho Homestyle: ★★★★★


Nikon 1, “Draw Something!” (That’s a penguin by the way) 🙂

iPad, Sketchbook Pro

Polaroid Pro Pack

This is the negative that comes with an FP-100C photo.

Nikon 1 shot of a Fujifilm Instax Shot, Frosty Caboose: : ★★★★★ of course!

Nikon 1, Thaicoon Boat Noodle Soup: ★★★★★  (after adding the peppers)

Nikon 1, Thaicoon Sushi: ★★★☆☆ (I never understood cream cheese in sushi…)


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