Fall in North Carolina – Sylva, NC

After the Cherokee parade we drove to nearby Sylva. It’s a really pretty town. On the way to WCU we passed by a Bojangles having a random Tuesday car meet! Ran into the gentleman that made the Wayne’s World Pacer that was in the Dragon Con parade a few weeks ago. It really is a small world.

On this day the leaves were just about to turn. Fall in the southeast is an odd thing though, it’s never really all on the same schedule. Some trees turn early due to heat and drought while the others only show a hint of color. This normally accompanies a slight dip of temperatures, a false fall if you will, as there’s still usually some hot days that go into November. I think it still takes about Halloween for your mind and eyes to register the real palette switch into the burnt umber, reds, and orange.  Depending on the elevation there’s usually colorful trees I use even into the first week of December on some years.

On the way going to back to Georgia, a few miles before the border, there’s a Thai restaurant! In the middle of darkness and nowhere!  They were out of rice but they did have noodles.  And it was pretty good.  Nice to see other folks in the restaurant, and good to even have an option for our comfort food all the way up there.

This needed to be a bit spicier and saucier, but it was pretty good

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