Cherokee Indian Parade 2023 Photos

Cherokee Indian Parade
October 3, 2023 | Cherokee, NC

I will always love a parade. Whether it be the Mardi Gras parades, the UGA championship parade, Dragon Con parade, or even small town parades like this, they’re all great to me. On a random Tuesday the lovely community up in Cherokee North Carolina had their yearly Indian Fair Parade. I’d never been so of course I had to make the small road trip up there. One to see the state of the leaves for this fall season (they’re just now getting started at that elevation) and two, to see the amazing community of native folks that are so interwoven into the fabric of that mountain town.

Here are my photos from a short stay. Oh it was crazy hot for some reason. I’d wanted to shoot video with my double iPhone setup, but the sunlight made the phones overheat. Oh well, here’s what I got from just one camera, from an 85mm prime no less! But it was still fun seeing all the smiling faces and absorbing that amazing Smallville vibe. They sure were generous with all the candy thrown!

That’s me with my absurd twin iPhone setup!  One for horizontal ultrawide and one for vertical. Why you ask? Why not? 🙂 I will use it for something in the future. Since it’s going to be cold now hopefully no more overheating problems.

Wasn’t expecting to see the WCU cheerleaders and Blooper from the Atlanta Braves!  Also, I don’t think I’d been to that bamboo grove in something like 20+ years.  It’s really tall and lush and I definitely want to use it for a fall photo shoot.

Next post is a short drive through lovely Sylva NC!

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