Duluth, GA – Fall Festival 2019

Duluth Fall Festival | (Always the Last weekend in September!) | September 28, 2019

It has been a long hot summer down here in Georgia, and pretty much everywhere else too it seems.  Let’s hope the cool temperatures predicted for next week finally usher in Autumn, perhaps my most favorite season.  For this Saturday evening with friends I thought it would be cool to not be so serious and just shoot some fun bizarre camera combos.  Anyone out there who plays team based fighting games (Tekken Tag, CvS, MvC) knows just how much time is spent figuring out the best lineup of characters.  Photography is much the same way once you’ve gained a lot of experience with the normal gear loadouts that one would use for work or mission critical shoots.  This year I’ve been revisiting my old, now “ancient” digital gear.  In some ways this is like shooting film, the older digital cameras or odd combos that you can assemble, force you to work a bit more and think creatively out of the box.  Here are some of the photos I got from a walk on an extremely hot day at the Fall Festival. ( and yes I normally do carry this much gear, even on a day off 😀 )

Gear: Nikon Df + 35mm, Canon 5D + Nikon 85mm 1.4, Sigma SD14 in Infrared mode, and Bonus, a Digital Harinezumi!

Nikon Df:

Don Pedro: Carne Asada

Don Pedro: Burrito Plate

Canon + Nikon (manual focus) Setup:

Infrared Sigma SD14 Converted to Black and White

Bonus: Digital Harinezumi!


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