Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2011 Photos

Hong Kong Association Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival | September 10, 2011 | Gainesville, GA

A cool morning before the boat race. Reminds me of the default iPad wallpaper. 🙂

Vendors (and us) setting up before the sunrise

Wanted to travel light today, so used the Olympus E-PL1 and kit lens

The morning light was especially nice

Festival Director Gene Hanratty with Buddhist Monks

Buddhist Monks from Wat Lao Buddhakhanti (Snellville, GA) blessing the boats

In keeping with my light kit theme, I also used an inexpensive Canon 100-300mm zoom lens for many of the photos.  A lens no self respecting “pro” would be caught dead using, but when the light is good, the gear doesn’t matter.  The color signature and vignetting is quite pleasing in my opinion.

Past Dragon Boat Race Photos

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