Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2019 Photos

Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival  |  Saturday September 7, 2019  |  Olympic Venue Clark’s Bridge  |  Gainesville, GA Congrats to our friends, the Mekong Dragons for winning this year’s Atlanta Dragon Boat Race! (And we also placed in the top 10 out of 80 teams! Finally after 14 years of participating!!) Event Coverage from the perspective […]

Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2013 Photos

Hong Kong Association Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival September 14, 2013 | Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club, Lake Lanier, Gainesville, GA Notes:  So this was my 8th year at the event. Every year I either row or take photos, and other planning stuff.  Got to the lake late because I wanted to sleep in a bit, […]

Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2010 Photos

View all posts tagged: Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival Notes:  Thanks to everyone for coming out to participate in this year’s Dragon Boat Race!  I think the best times were when we just sat around and talked and when we threw the football and frisbee.  Oddly enough, I didn’t take a single picture of a boat or heat this year.  I did […]


Notes:  Dragon Boat practice at the lake, it’s not too late to join our team! Come out for papaya salad! 🙂

Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2009 Photos

Hong Kong Association Dragon Boat Atlanta Festival September 12, 2009 | Lake Lanier, Gainesville, GA Notes: We didn’t do so bad. Rowed in all three races and still had time to take photos.  Saturday turned out to be blazing hot, but the Vietnamese Nón lá (conical hat) beats any tattered baseball cap.  Thanks to the […]

Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2007 Photos

Hong Kong Association Dragon Boat Race and Festival September 8, 2007 | Olympic Venue, Clark’s Bridge, Lake Lanier It was another fun all day event at the boat race. I remember some of the past ones being rather tame, and to be honest, in the last few years, the increased Laotian participation has made it quite festive, with […]