Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2009 Photos

Hong Kong Association Dragon Boat Atlanta Festival

September 12, 2009 | Lake Lanier, Gainesville, GA



Notes: We didn’t do so bad. Rowed in all three races and still had time to take photos.  Saturday turned out to be blazing hot, but the Vietnamese Nón lá (conical hat) beats any tattered baseball cap.  Thanks to the Center for Lao Studies for use of their naga logo.  The file I sent had too many colors and the printer knocked it down to 5 really odd colors, but I guess it turned out okay as far as visibility.  The homemade girl’s tank tops worked better on white, with my initial autumnal palette.

01:07.24 (8:45am First Race)
01:03.60 (10:30am Race)
01:02.58 (Afternoon Race)

Again, not bad for a crew of people that barely practiced. 🙂 We “beat” every other team we raced against (but the entire contest is based on averaged time), and ended up 3rd in the Laotian category. Go Fireballs!!


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