Dragon Con Parade 2018 Photos

Atlanta, GA | September 1, 2018 | Another fun time at one of Atlanta’s best traditions–the Annual Dragon Con Parade! Where you can celebrate all sorts of fandom!  Doesn’t matter if you love superheroes, fantasy, books, or even science, everyone is welcome!  Thanks to all the cosplayers and volunteers in the parade that brave the heat to put smiles on all the faces of the little ones (that think it’s real!).  🙂  Missed the actual Con this time due to work, but I’m glad I got a chance to stop by before a busy weekend.  ‘Til next year!

Tech Notes: If anyone’s wondering I shot 3 cameras in covering the parade from our sidewalk post.  All Nikons (no Canon this time), 35mm, 70-200mm 2.8, and 105mm 1.4 (which is still the most amazing portrait lens Nikon has in the lineup).  Again though, all those cameras and lenses do nothing to stop people from standing right in my shots. :/

John De Lancie | “Q” from Star Trek the Next Generation might be one of my all time favorite characters!

meHi! My name is Boon. I’m an Atlanta based Artist. I draw, I take pictures!

I’ve been covering events and documenting the multi ethnic Asian Pacific Islander community here in Georgia since 2004! Feel free to share with the links below. Thanks to all for posing for photos!

All Artwork and Photos © Boon Vong. For image usage feel free to Contact Me.

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