Atlanta Fashion Night Out 2014

Mason Murer Fine Art | Atlanta, GA | Thanks to everyone for modeling, these photos are for sharing, but please credit me or my blog pretty please…

Technical Notes:  Runway area was quite dark at the event (see the 3rd image) and not as bright as my photos, that’s a result of the superiority of the Nikon flash system.  I’ve found that the other different brands that I use don’t quite have the tuned performance for flash.  Don’t agree with how the latest Nikon cameras adjust the Auto-ISO with flash in regular close range photography, but for bounce flash event photography, I don’t think anything beats it.  From the pictures one can tell that I usually shoot in a different spot away from the other cluster of photographers.  The angle allowed me to get backstage expressions, walk+crowd, and isolated model shots with the video person’s light acting as a rim light when combined with the Nikon speedlight.  In the photos it looks like the models were stage lit in relation to the ambient, but nope, just really the power of Nikon iTTL.  In the toolkit, it’s Canon for some things, Fujifilm for others, but I usually always opt for Nikons in this type of environment.  If you know your tools, you can get to the heart of the matter, which should be creating competent images.

meHi! My name is Boon.  I’m an Atlanta based Artist.  I draw.  I take pictures.  I write.

I’ve been covering events and documenting the multi ethnic Asian Pacific Islander community here in Georgia since 2004!  Feel free to share with the links below.  Thanks to all for posing for photos!

All Artwork and Photos © Boon Vong. For image usage feel free to Contact Me.

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