Springtime on Arabia Mountain

Lovely day for a walk and picnic on Arabia Mountain.  This time of year the diamorpha smallii are in bloom.  These tough and fleshy plants with the red leaves grow in the shallow sandy soil.  In order to sound smart, I copied that from the information sign that you pass on the way up the trail. 😉  Here’s some more:

….They’ve adapted to intense heat and long periods of drought. Diamorpha’s white flowers bloom in the spring. Then, in the heat of summer, their seeds are held up by dried stems so they won’t burn up on the rock. During this time of year, some solution pits just look like sand. But watch your step, the Diamorpha is there waiting to grow. When rain comes in the fall, the seeds drop to the ground and germinate…the life cycle continues.

And yes, we definitely avoided sitting on them!  Canon + Nikon today! 🙂


And what’s in the picnic basket?  Banh Mi Vietnamese subs!!

Chicken Banh Mi: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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