Lao New Year 2010 – Wat Sattha Dhamma – Habersham County, GA

Wat Sattha Dhamma | Alto, GA

Random Notes: Like most Lao things, humble beginnings on this one as well, but there aren’t many times in America these days where you can witness an old timey barn raising, people pulling together to build something.  Time will tell if this becomes a Lao “Bonnaroo” field, and more complaints from the neighbors, but hey, I didn’t hammer a single nail or lay down a single brick, so I’ll just hush up.  …Especially since my parents and the community back home seem intent on really trying to make it work.  Been meaning to show the other side of all these festivals and gatherings…but you know, I think I’d rather not.  Get so much flak from other people, my goal is to still put our best foot forward.  Whatever photos go up, they still wouldn’t tell the viewer that most of the community works in textile mills and chicken factories.  No doctors or lawyers funding the stones for this one, just regular old country folk.

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