Lao New Year 2010 – Wat Buddha Moongcoon – Riverdale, GA

Tech Notes: 24-105mm IS on the Canon, 70-200 VR on the Nikon, and infrared Sigma.  Great combo.  Maybe since I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIII so much, with its 3 person fighting structure, figuring out tools for the bag is like setting up your characters for a battle.  Cars and cameras are similar and oddly enough cameras are like RPG characters as well (yes, I’m a dork 🙂 ).  Sometimes you need a multiple use setup for all situations, but also a heavy hitter dedicated combo.  In a serious work situation you’d want a wide to medium zoom as to be prepared for most things, but in the end a single prime will usually produce the images that I personally like and value.  If you have room for the odd third option, some would opt for a black and white film camera, or a Holga, or a Polaroid.


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