Team Square / Triangle

Notes: Team ◻ / Δ ?  That’s a play on the new Micro 4/3 cameras.  Small and light mirrorless cameras with detachable lenses, and the imaging power of traditional DSLR’s.  Been running around with these as some fun options in the bag for a while now.  The best thing about these Olympus and Panasonic cameras is that you can mount almost every lens from any era (via adapters) for different artistic purposes.  When I was a kid, we liked Transformers and all the toys that you could swap out and add things to…

Not knowing the exact lens mount of this Canon TV Lens V10x16 f/2.2, I bought it anyway just to try out.  It was close to being a C mount, but lacked the threads.  We made some spacers with a hole pattern to match the existing one and found out through experimentation that about .5 inch worked for okay focus.  The C Mount adapter was then drilled/countersunk and pretty much now lives on the lens.  Too bad the zoom servo motor doesn’t work, that would be a slick feature.

On the wide end, the lens does hard vignette severely due it being made for a smaller sensor, but I like the look.

Zoomed all the way out and wide open the lens is really soft, with some curious swirly bokeh, but when stopped down it isn’t bad.

Next lens saved from thrift store purgatory is this Canon 50mm f/1.4 FL II.  Even older than the orphaned FD mount lenses, this one has a crazy long focus throw, but of course counter to what I’m used to on the Nikons.  My brain has turned to mush these days, can barely remember how to add and subtract, and now I have to spend extra time to think of which way to twist lenses. 🙂  The 2X crop factor actually makes it a good portrait lens.

Up next is a real C Mount lens, a Cosmicar (Pentax) 25mm f/1.8 TV lens.  Really small and the focal length is what I’m normally used to (50mm on FF).  The vignetting of the lens is not that harsh, it’s like a realtime equivalent of the pinhole mode art effect.  Every non m 4/3 lens you mount becomes manual focus of course, but we like that sort of thing.

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(1 Star for every dollar spent!)

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