V&A Sacred Heart Wedding, Augusta

Photo of a Bride in front of Sacred Heart Cultural Center in Augusta Georgia

Notes: The previous wide angle IR shot I did was a hit, so we recreated it in color on the wedding day.  The Sigma SD14 in most situations just isn’t the best tool, but it is capable of making some great images.  It just takes too much post to get the best results out of the files.  That and you have to pray that the camera actually stores the files and doesn’t lock up when you need it the most.

Photo of a Bride in front of Sacred Heart Cultural Center in Augusta Georgia

I used to have the Nikon 12-24mm, now the Sigma with the 10-20mm is used just for these shots where I want a forced perspective, or when I can’t step back far enough.  There’s a road right in front of the cathedral at a somewhat busy intersection.  One of the reasons why people like myself have so many different cameras is because it is much easier to just use one on the fly for a specific situation.  Changing drill bits is annoying enough, lenses are about as cumbersome.

Photo of a Bride in the middle of Sacred Heart Cultural Center in Augusta Georgia

This is just a standard Nikon 17-55mm shot as we were stepping out of the church for photos.  Pleased with it because it is pretty much out of camera.  With a lens as moderately wide as this one the vertical perspective can easily get skewed.

Bride Peeking through the crack of a Church Door

I’m probably most pleased with the shots surrounding this particular one.  Before the grand entrance of the bride my spot was inside the cathedral next to the big double doors, hoping to get a Steadicam shot of it opening.  There was a slight crack in the door and it made for an uplanned cute scene for both a still and a video clip.  Steadicam Merlin and the Canon and 24-105mm, all the while slinging my twin Nikon setup around my back.  Oww my aching bones.

Every now and then the sun would peek through the clouds and illuminate the stained glass windows.  If this were a movie you could have control over every single aspect of lighting, but nope, this is real life, take what you can get.

I find it funny how some churches adamantly don’t allow working photographers to go beyond the last aisle, use a flash, or even take pictures period.  Same rules should apply to the guests but that never stops anyone these days.  The strictest I’ve ever experienced are Hindu Temples and Islamic Mosques.  Pictures there are definitely a no no.  On the flipside, I’m from Southeast Asia, we take photos at the temple, parties, and funerals.

Augusta is one of the hottest places I’ve been to.  Reminded me of the sweltering heat in Savannah.  Maybe it’s just the crazy heat wave this month.

Two shots, one with natural light, when the flash wasn’t fired, and when you don’t have time to setup a crazy radio triggered shot, Nikon wireless CLS to the rescue.

Some random shots when I was walking around, and noticed the reflection of the pretty blue dome in one of the centerpiece mirrors.

These shafts of light would appear for just a minute or so, and back to remote speedlight shots to light the dim altar.

For the exit, everyone had sparklers and I remembered I always have my heart shaped bokeh in my bag.

Turkey Sammich on Italian with Mustard, Cheese, and Lettuce: ★★★★☆

Didn’t eat anything else after the sandwich
(I hardly ever eat/get to eat during gigs),
Luckily late night Kroger had this:

Sushi: ★★★★★ 🙂

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