S&B Wedding

Tech Notes: The images above are samples of the photos I shot inbetween capturing DSLR video, which was a juggling of multiple cameras and the Steadicam Merlin setup, which you either have to hand hold all day or lay down on the floor somewhere.  Moving pictures is nice and all, but sometimes a still photo says much more.

Behind the Scenes:

That’s us in the mirror.

This was when the limo pulled up and I realized it was the same gentleman from last week’s wedding.  Armed with a Steadicam Merlin with the 5D mk II and 24-105mm, and also around my aching back was a D90+85mm 1.4 and D5000+105mm Micro VR  (cameras that can all shoot some form of DSLR cinematic footage).  Yes…lots of gear, and that was just half, PT manning the other angles.  On a side note, I rarely give out what was used for shots, this is just to show that there is no such thing as being over prepared.  That, and no specific gear is going to make the world turn for you.

Sorry to have probably been in most everyone’s photos, but wide angle in front of the leading lady of the day is the only way not to miss any moments.

This was at the end of the door ceremony, when the groom and his crew bum rushed with a flanking maneuver. 🙂  I ran up the stairs and got caught up in the mob.  This was the last frame in the video clip before I got the dreaded “MEMORY CARD FULL” message on the camera.  In the chaos, I was fumbling in my bag for a memory card and barely got it switched out when the groom and helper carried off the bride down the stairs (like in the Playstation 3 “Fat Princess” game!).  Even if your camera’s got 2 card slots, this will happen.  Even if you were shooting with a Tricorder and a Heisenberg Compensator, that still wouldn’t guarantee stuff not happening like tumbling down stairs or other wedding day craziness.

Even though I might be smiling in this screencap, I accidentally bumped into the bride’s dad at the entrance. 🙁  And this was after I did a pretty long Steadicam shot all the way from the altar to the front of the big church, where everyone was waiting with bubbles.  I looked back and forth, switched to side strafe a la Naruto style and still managed to goof at the end.  Oops.

Again, my head’s probably in lots of people’s shots, but motion is just a different beast than still photos, where you have a lot more control over the final say in the images.  There’s an even smaller window when it comes to shooting this new breed of video.

Most of the above BTS shots by PT. Video coming soon.

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