P&M Wedding

Reflection of Bride and Groom on Water Swept Beach

Groomsmen walking over steps and flower petals

Bouquet of Pink and Orange Flowers

Bride and Bridesmaids and Flower Girls Dressed in Orange

Bridesmaid in Orange against a Blue Ocean Beach Scene

Bride on the Shore at Myrtle Beach

There were three of us living in 110#2 back in Athens, GA. One an advertising major, one a business major, and one an art major. Time flowed differently back then, living in apartments older than all of us. I still remember that first night, we cooked spaghetti and watched a movie. College is a bubble, with silly disputes and concerns that disappear once you realize how the world really works. I guess you can say I’m content with how things turned out, for all three of us are still healthy enough to enjoy things like sunsets and breezes, but I can’t help but wonder about the different paths that have broken off and splintered into the realm of what-if’s. Perhaps this is the true and middle path to walk, for when I look at things now, two became educated, and two became fathers, which is definitely the most important now scenario as opposed to a wispy one our feeble minds can only dream up. 2 down, and I guess that leaves me next.

But the problem is…my life seemingly never really got started. The art major never became a real “artist” in the world of adults, the world that really does only revolve around numbers and digits. Instead of palettes and paint it was more machines and silly rules that I didn’t want to put up with. Adults always like to ask each other questions like, how do you make your living?, what are you drinking?, and other inquiries of no significance. When asked of me? Well these days I do the occasional drawing, remember things and take pictures of things worth remembering. The steps that it took to get here though, and the people along the way, I’m glad it all happened. As far as the future, yes, I still have daydreams powered by an empty wallet and noggin full of useless junk, but we’ll see what happens next in the now. Congrats to the friends of 110#2, that sure did seem like a long time ago.

Boon Vong
Atlanta Wedding Photographer / Guy that Remembers things

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