Lao New Year – Conley, GA 2024 – Saturday Photos

∽ Lao New Year ∼ Wat Lao PothisaramConley, GA  |  April 27, 2024 •───────•°•❀•°•───────• I was only able to attend on Saturday, but here are a few images.  Thanks to all the ladies volunteering your valuable time, everyone looked great.  Also thanks to my “assistants” for helping take photos! 🙂 ‿︵‿︵‿୨ ୧‿︵‿︵‿ The following extra […]

Thai New Year – Wat Buddha Bucha 2024

Wat Buddha Bucha Thai New Year Songkran April 7, 2024 | Decatur, GA The L/T/C New Year “season” here in Georgia normally begins at the Thai temple and runs all the way to Memorial Day(!) when folks everywhere congregate up in TN.  Today had brisk cool weather and a large turnout for the alms giving […]

Okame Cherry Tree Portraits + Hangout

Model: Chau | Gear: Sony + Canon Lens / Canon + Nikon Lens (yes both setups manual focus on purpose) These okame cherry trees are the first to bloom in Georgia.  Sometimes as early as the first week in February, when it’s still pretty cold.  There used to be a more purple one on the […]

Fall + Sony A7 + Canon EF 24mm 1.4L

Thanks for reading/viewing along on my journal here.  I know the last posts have been more of a visual record of my practicing with my various photography combos.  Just like getting up early to walk or shoot hoops, practicing with different camera combos to build up the muscle memory is always a good thing.  Plus […]

Fall in Westminster SC

Some fall photos from a drive to Westminster South Carolina, with some stops before and afterwards.  So cold on this day.

Road Trip – Day 7 – Springdale + St George + Vegas

St. George is definitely a great city to stop by and explore.  There’s a free botanical garden with amazing colorful desert plants, and a high vantage point overlooking the city.  There’s Utah Tech, a lovely white church, AND an Asian grocery store/restaurant!  They have bamboo and pork buns too, along with the normal assortment of […]

Utah Day 5 – Tropic + Kanab + Zion

It was time to say goodbye to Tropic and its awesome hoodie weather, with another quick morning photo walk.  Sunrise wasn’t as nice as yesterday, but the light right afterwards was pretty amazing. Tropic to Zion is only like less than an hour, but a worthy detour is the town of Kanab, near the Arizona […]

Utah Day 4 – Tropic and Bryce Canyon Sunset

The night before actually had some moisture in the air, so it made for a very nice sunrise in Tropic.  Just like back home, photo worthy sunrises and sunsets usually come after some type of weather. I startled this little black cat as I was filming in the morning.  I guess its home was nestled […]

Utah Day 3 – Tropic + Escalante + Panguitch

The weather in Tropic this morning was once again cool and refreshing.  In the back of the cabin area is a barn for chickens and they are pretty much the alarm clock.  The whole time I couldn’t help but find parallels to this place and Samneua Laos. The first stop of the day was Mossy […]

Utah Day 2 – Tropic + Bryce Canyon + Kodachrome Basin

One of the best things about the town of Tropic Utah is the weather.  In June it was an amazing 58 degrees in the morning and a high of about 74 degrees when we were there.  All thanks to the high elevation of 6,000+ ft.  There’s a lot of wind and tons of UV light […]

Utah Road Trip – Day 1 – Las Vegas, NV to Tropic, UT

Hello everyone here’s the first post of my trip out to lovely/lonely Utah.  It was definitely a landscape photographer’s dream.  I didn’t pack too much in terms of gear, I only brought along a Fuji X100, Sony A7 and 3 lenses, and a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera (original one), and of course my iPhone […]

Tucker Cruise In + Pho + Arabia Mountain at Sunset – 2022-08-13

There was a lot going on in Metro Atlanta as usual, but here’s what we ended up doing: the monthly car show in Tucker, Pho Restaurant for lunch, and Arabia Mountain in the evening.  It was a fun full day for sure. Gear Used: Sony A7 and Canon 85mm 1.2 with Sigma adapter, Canon EOS […]

Friday Adventure – 2022-05-27

It was a fun day with my little/not so little anymore baby bear!  No real plan today, just left the house with an “old” Pentax K10D, an “ancient” Nikon D100 and a Sony A7.  Here’s what we did and shot on a day with really nice weather. The morning started off with an impromptu P.E. […]