LAS Ball Recap

Laotian American Society   |   6th Annual Charity Ball  |   November 20, 2010 Hi Team, I would like to thank everyone involved in the LAS Ball. Even though I looked liked I was stressed out (which I was…) I think overall it was our most impressive one yet, in the event’s 5+ year history. There is […]

3em Entertainment Concert / Thai Nguyen Fashion Show

3em Entertainment Concert / Fashion Show | Moonlite | Chamblee, GA Featuring: Nguyen Thang, Nhu Loan, Helena Ngoc Hong, Thai Nguyen Even I snuck into some shots… Images below are from the Thai Nguyen Fashion Show portion of the night.  These are the shots I got in between shooting video clips, 85mm f/1.4 on the […]

Chopstix for Charity 2010

Notes:  NAAAP (National Associaton of Asian American Professionals) Atlanta Chapter’s yearly fundraiser Chopstix for Charity.  Proceeds are given out to other Asian non-profit and community based organizations around town. Hey, I actually get to be in some pictures. 🙂

Vietnamese Moon Festival

Notes: …shooting pictures with camera B while carrying a Steadicam Merlin on camera A is pretty hard…video clips in the next post.


Notes: …Pocky…Anime…Totoro…Aoi-Chan…Kaz Style…Bokeh…Kosupre…Japanfest…Team Neekon!!!

Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2010

View all posts tagged: Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival Notes:  Thanks to everyone for coming out to participate in this year’s Dragon Boat Race!  I think the best times were when we just sat around and talked and when we threw the football and frisbee.  Oddly enough, I didn’t take a single picture of a boat or heat this year.  I did […]

Dragon*Con in Infrared

Notes: Didn’t get to shoot much of the parade in IR due to me forgetting to charge the battery…but what I did get sure was creepy looking… 😈

Video: RLCD Festival

Notes: Just random clips thrown together, 5D mk II and D90, mostly handheld, and of course manual focus on everything.  One could see the advantages of the little “HD” cameras out there with their extreme depth of focus (i.e. every unnecessary thing in focus), but I still like the messups and the old 16mm look.  Song is […]

AAPA Awards

AAPA Convention | Marriott Marquis | Atlanta, GA When I was a kid, I wore thick glasses and read a lot of books.  Relatives would call me “little doctor.”  I guess it would have been a smarter career move, instead of this whole “artist / photographer / documentarian / lazy thinker” joyride that I’ve been on […]

Wat Sattha Dhamma

Wat Sattha Dhamma | Alto, GA Random Notes: Like most Lao things, humble beginnings on this one as well, but there aren’t many times in America these days where you can witness an old timey barn raising, people pulling together to build something.  Time will tell if this becomes a Lao “Bonnaroo” field, and more complaints from […]

Room to Read Event

The Lovett School | Atlanta, GA Notes: John Wood had a pretty comfy position at Microsoft ten years ago.  While travelling through Nepal he visited a quaint school in the mountains and found their “library” was merely a filing cabinet with things left over from hikers and travelers.  Apalled at this he vowed to return with more […]

2nd International Lao New Year: Miss Lao International Pageant

2nd International Lao New Year | San Francisco Miss Lao International Pageant | Whitcomb Hotel Ballroom Miss Lao International 2010 Dolene Simmalavong Miss Lao International Dolene Simmalavong 1st Princess Aleta Rattanasith (L) 2nd Princess Busaba Sisounthone (R) Amy Chanthaphavong, current reigning Miss Asian America, addressing the crowd.  The winner tonight will go on to compete […]

2nd International Lao New Year: Prelude

2nd International Lao New Year | San Francisco Pre-festival and practicing photos from this year’s Lao New Year in San Fran.  Photos by me, if anyone uses them, please credit me or my site pretty please.  Captions and of course thoughts by me as well, please note that taking pictures is much easier than performing and organizing […]

Photos: Viet New Year 2010

Any contestants that want hi res images, just contact me. ______________________________________________________________________    

Photos: Atlanta Asian Film Festival

Notes: Very cool to have our Laotian people (both Lao and Hmong) on center stage with a packed house, and you could feel the energy in the room when the trailer for The Betrayal was shown…yeah, slowly but surely our people’s shared story is being known worldwide. More pix coming soon.