L&C Lao Wedding: New Iberia

Lanexang Village Sign in Broussard, LA

Lao Wedding

Random Notes:  All the times I’ve been to Louisiana, and I always thought New Iberia was only an hour and a half from New Orleans, where I usually stay.  I goofed big time, as it is a looong 2.5 hour drive.  This led to some crazy drowsy late night driving for me.  On the actual wedding day itself, my day started at 4am and I completed the drive back to NOLA around 3:30am.  This one began with candles and ended with candles, in a nice way.  On the Friday night before, the power went out in Lanexang village and I had to shoot with literally one candle power.  The newer cameras are great at this stuff.  A person can compare needless ISO charts all day long on the web, but getting to use them in the field will make anyone forget about the technical stuff and just focus on taking pictures of moments in people’s lives.  Much respect to the groom and his family for doing most of the wedding Lao style (which was not their own).  I know our culture has its quirks and questionable customs, but that’s the way it’s been for centuries.

Boon Vong
Atlanta (Wherever his little car takes him) Wedding Photography

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