Photo Hangout: X100 + X100V(ivian) :)

Fujifilm X100V(ivian) 😀

Thanks to Vivian and Sean for hanging out on Saturday.  It was the only overcast day in between some rainy ones in late April, but I think we got some good results!

Congrats to Vivian for finding an X100V! I remember being obsessed in searching for the original one back in 2011?! If you look, you can find the old post here in the archives on this blog.  Mine still holds up today, as I really don’t push it that much to be honest.  It’s with me sometimes for work gigs where I need a silent camera that can also do panoramas in business settings, but other than that it really is just a nice camera to have as a prop and fashion accessory.  The latest model definitely has ironed out many of the annoyances and quirks of the original one.  It had better, since there’s literally a decade of upgrades between these models.  Inflation and supply and demand has made this camera’s price hurt a lot more than what I paid for mine back in 2011.

Anyways, today I used: Canon, Fujifilm, Sony and…an iPhone 3GS! Which is a pretty spectacular rendering “vintage” camera in my honest opinion.  As you probably know I’m always on the lookout for digital cameras that have a certain artistic look and aesthetic out of the box.  The trend now that I see is that young folks are shooting more with digicams, probably for some grit and to add some sort of feeling to the technically too perfect shots from modern Apple and Samsung phones. 

Thanks to Phalatda for letting me borrow this amazing iPhone from 2009!  It’s funny how tech we barely used back in the day because it wasn’t up to our lofty standards of photos/video now suddenly have a certain charm.  Getting old does that apparently.

Please give Vivian a follow [ @imnotvee ] to see what she’s creating with her X100V(ivian)! Thanks to Sean for filming bts shots! 😉

Tech Notes: the more pastel toned photos are from the Canon EOS Rp. I think I’ve finally found some color settings and physical lens filters that give me the look I want.  The normal more contrasty shots are from the Sony, and the X100 “classic” are the wonky white balance shifted ones.  I’m not going to caption every photo, but I’m sure you can pick out which is which after seeing a few.

My ancient Fujifilm X100 😀

X100 “Classic”

The first stop was Clarkston, GA. The most diverse 2 mile radius in all of Georgia, and that’s saying a lot.  Refuge Coffee was having a spring market and we got to catch the tail end of it.  The wall is literally right in front of where I parked and made for a nice toned backdrop.

I don’t remember the crosswalk being this colorful, but it’s definitely something I will use.

Before I left the house I put this stool in my trunk.  I got it from a thrift store for $10 and hastily spray painted it.  Looks good in photos though!

Yes I know this spot had a lot of junk on the ground. 🙂

Speaking of one of Atlanta’s greatest fixtures (Waffle House) right up the road from Decatur is…

The Waffle House Museum! (Sadly closed)

Man, covid really did a number on the original Waffle House Restaurant/Museum. I think it’s pretty much waiting to become living spaces just like across the street.

In Avondale Estates there’s a really great thrift store with amazing prices.  Where have you seen a chair for $5!!  Since it was partly a Fujifilm day, I got a Fuji VHS tape for $1!  I think the original box and graphic design is worth it alone.  Plus I will at some point need a fresh tape to dub all this footage I’ve been shooting with the Panasonic VHS-C camera. (Which I hope everyone has had a chance to view my video from LNY with many clips from it.  I know, it’s a long video…)

This peach lemonade was craaazy sweet.  I had to dilute it when I got home and it was pretty much perfect then.

Thanks for making it to the end!  Next post will be all about the amazing vintage iPhone 3GS!

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