New Orleans: Sun up to Sun down


Notes: It will probably be a long time before New Orleans gets back to its heyday of tourists shoulder to shoulder on Bourbon Street, but I enjoy going down there because it’s different from my norm.  “…Changes in latitude, changes in attitude…” The city still holds that unique charm: antique mansions versus urban decay–creepy unsettling violence amidst romantic strolls through the streets.  This visit, the weather was oddly some of the best ever, much like a spring day in other parts of the country, instead of the muggy oppressive heat this area is normally known for.  The food was great as usual, always reminds of a line from one of my favorite movies Almost Heroes, “…The food alone is worth the trip!” This hurricane and poverty stricken area hasn’t changed much though in the last couple of years.  Tons of homes are empty and abandoned and many restaurant/landmarks will probably never come back.  On one of my strolls, I got to see one of Banksy’s famous graffiti art.  The other pieces of art he’d done had been torn out, or covered up by the Gray Ghost, but this one was protected by plexiglass.  This city has a maddening number of tags, from every mailbox to street sign.  My favorite graffiti? “You Go Girl!”

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