L&J: Pre Wedding

Notes: Almost a full day of shooting on this test run.  Thanks to everyone who came out and stuck it out through the warm weather.  Luckily the sakura and other trees were in bloom, and I tried to make the best out of local spots, from up the street to across town.  Another camera juggling fest as well, and […]

L&C Lao Wedding: New Iberia

Random Notes:  All the times I’ve been to Louisiana, and I always thought New Iberia was only an hour and a half from New Orleans, where I usually stay.  I goofed big time, as it is a looong 2.5 hour drive.  This led to some crazy drowsy late night driving for me.  On the actual […]

S&B Wedding

Tech Notes: The images above are samples of the photos I shot inbetween capturing DSLR video, which was a juggling of multiple cameras and the Steadicam Merlin setup, which you either have to hand hold all day or lay down on the floor somewhere.  Moving pictures is nice and all, but sometimes a still photo says much more. Behind the […]

Alles Gute! J&T Wedding

…liebe… Notes: …Editing most of the photos while listening to “Disintegration” by the Cure, yeah, “Plainsong” sure makes me think of stuff…Thanks for letting me be a part of your day…

Photos: E&R Marietta Wedding

Random Notes: Helped out a friend at a wedding.  Being a second option on a shoot actually allows one to be more free form and experimental since the pressures of delivering the exact shots are much less.  I took the opportunity to bring some “odd” gear as well, the infrared Sigma SD14, in addition to […]