Lao’d and Proud


Notes: All the images are screengrabs (D90 Movies) from a few weeks ago at our local Korean coffee shop with ai Thavisouk…I’ve wanted to do this type of documentary work for awhile now, just gathering some like minded people and sitting them in front of the camera.  Granted the environment wasn’t the most serene, but when a good sphere of energy is created, worthwhile things happen.  Testing out how 3 Nikon D90’s in tandem would work for future projects. Old school 50mm f/1.8 on A, 35mm f/1.8 on B, and 85mm f/1.4 on C.  Granted we didn’t plan on high quality audio but memories like this should hopefully stick with us, and that’s the most important thing.












What’s my subtitle/caption?
A) How am I going to get Nikon to loan me some Nikon D3s’s and a 200mm f/2 for our upcoming film project?
B) What’s the younger Lao generation going to do when they finally wake up and realize that while they think they’re Americans now, things are not as simple as that in this world?
C) …yeah, times like this define a person and to not be able to share or experience it with a certain someone further unravels them from the happenstance tanglings that our lives seem to be what does it matter anyway just finally do something with your talent make some money move away live your life and don’t look back….yeah, just the normal stuff that’s been rolling around in my head.

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