Lao’d and Proud

Notes: All the images are screengrabs (D90 Movies) from a few weeks ago at our local Korean coffee shop with ai Thavisouk…I’ve wanted to do this type of documentary work for awhile now, just gathering some like minded people and sitting them in front of the camera.  Granted the environment wasn’t the most serene, but when a […]

The Betrayal

“…On the street they call me, you Chink, you Japanese, you Chinese, you Korean, you dumb Cambodian, What the F*** are you doing here? Go home.” That’s a powerful line from ai Thavisouk’s film “The Betrayal.” Not too long ago I was at a football game at my old college. I was just walking by […]

Photos: Atlanta Asian Film Festival

Notes: Very cool to have our Laotian people (both Lao and Hmong) on center stage with a packed house, and you could feel the energy in the room when the trailer for The Betrayal was shown…yeah, slowly but surely our people’s shared story is being known worldwide. More pix coming soon.