VACGA Viet New Year 2012

Vietnamese American Community of Georgia (VAC) Tet New Year Festival and Miss Viet Georgia Pageant Norcross, GA | January 22, 2012 Feel free to download my photos for your own personal use.¬† A link back or credit is much appreciated. Sharing is caring. ūüôā¬† More photos coming soon, these were the ones I personally liked. […]

Momocon 2011

Momocon in Infrared Notes: Photos from this year’s MomoCon.¬† Only went on Saturday, but it was fun.¬† Great weather and city atmosphere, but it was somewhat chaotic¬†and the long lines kept us from going anywhere.¬† So it was more like a really long extended lunch in high school where the kids are free to run […]

3em 1st Anniversary Concert – February 2011

3em Entertainment Featuring: Tuan Hung, Nhu Loan, Hoang Thuc Linh & Jacky Tai Fashion Show Norcross, GA Notes: Thanks to the¬†3em Entertainment¬†crew for putting on a great show, and allowing me to contribute with event coverage.¬† Thanks to all the lovely models and entertainers, stylists and volunteers. Before getting to the event photos, here are […]

Lao New Year 2010 – Wat Buddha Moongcoon – Riverdale, GA

Tech Notes: 24-105mm IS¬†on the Canon, 70-200 VR on the Nikon, and infrared Sigma.¬† Great combo.¬† Maybe since I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIII so much, with its 3 person fighting structure, figuring out tools for the bag is like setting up your characters for a battle.¬† Cars and cameras are similar and¬†oddly enough¬†cameras are […]

Spring (…almost)

Notes: Forgot how much I like the 70-200mm f/2.8 for portraits.¬† Used a good bit of everything in the arsenal for all these, and wouldn’t you know it, didn’t even touch the 85mm f/1.4.¬† Pix below from the Foveon Sigma.¬† If only the files look like that out of the camera.¬† There is hope though, […]

Photos: Viet New Year 2010

Any contestants that want hi res images, just contact me. ______________________________________________________________________    

4th of July

Video of fireworks that surprisingly fit together well with M83’s “We Own the Sky”