Notes:  Camera companies should realize that the megapixel race and feature creep isn’t what some of us really want for all devices.  We want the ability to mimic what was, and still are, some expensive captures of random moments in life.  And we also want it for free!  That’s where the Instagram application comes in.  The […]


Notes:  Just some random gear talk.  Nowadays people enjoy talking about photography and photography related gear just as much as taking the pictures–or perhaps even more so…hopefully most of the shutter bugs out there drive their machines once in awhile. The iPhone 4 camera seems to have something like a ~35mm equivalent f/22 lens.  Which in visual […]


Notes: Collaborations from the little iPod/iPhone app Brushes.  If anyone would like to purchase any of our “masterpieces,” we accept payment in candy! 🙂