3em 3rd Anniversary Concert – April 27, 2013

3em Entertainment

3rd Anniversary Concert
April 27, 2013 | The Grand Ballroom | Norcross, GA

Cao Thai Son, Nhom MTV, Khac Viet, Quang Man, Ho Quang Hieu
Bao Thy, Bang Cuong, Minh Vuong, Tran Thai, Duy Manh + Trung Cang Band

Thanks again for another memorable evening!
Event photography by Boon Vong, Phalatda Taysavang, Thomas Cannon and little Ethan!
(Purple carpet and the rest of the photos will be uploaded to 3em)

First here are some photos from the party before the party! 🙂  From the party bus to Tongue and Groove!

This is the inside of the party wagon!

Well hello there, thank you for the vitamin C! 🙂

Pre Concert Photos:

Testing out the Rode NTG-1 and Juiced Link combo.  Not really doing anything serious with the video, since it’s so hard to get usable footage but just for fun.

Deciding what gear to use…Frankly could always use another camera to battle the low light high contrast situations.

And so the show begins!

Thanks Thomas for holding it down at the step and repeat backdrop.  Modeling light from the LED light panel and I decided to bring the Mola beauty dish for the actual flash photography.  Nikon wireless CLS to the rescue.

There’s a line from an MXPX song.  It goes: “I’m a sucker for a short hair girl with a pretty smile.  She got to have ideas yeah and she gots to have style…” 🙂



Too bad we aren’t this cool in real life! 😀

Thanks for another great show!

Team Neekon reprazent! 😉

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