Black and White Conversions from Sigma Foveon Cameras

I gathered some random raw files I shot last year from my Sigma cameras and did some black and white conversions.  Some from color, and some from infrared.  You lose a bit of the drama in converting the near IR photos, but I mostly wanted to see if it’s unique enough to be doing more of in the future.  Wish Kodak would bring back BW400CN film, but don’t think that will happen.

Technical Notes: Sigma SD10, SD14, and SD15. Converted straight in Sigma Photo Pro or a combination of that and Nikon Capture NX2. Most associate Foveon files with a CG render like sharpness, but for these conversions I knocked down the sharpness a tad. All of these snapshots, the Sigmas weren’t the main option, just a fun alternative to throw in the bag.

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