Photos: Speedlight in a Softbox

Learned a thing or two in Miami and got a chance to try it out with my own setup.  Thanks to others on the web, it’s quite easy to shoot using a remote speedlight (a flash) in a softbox. Now granted, these shots will never compete for any covers anytime soon, but I think it’s so cool that the technology […]

Photos: Boston

…………You know…………there’s more to me than drawings and photos of pretty girls………… I had a chance to finally view Jack Silberman’s very moving film on unexploded bombs in Laos.  The film is called Bombies, and everyone should really check it out.  What’s that information doing on my page, a journal that supposedly only focuses on my random […]

Photos: Miami

Miami was a fun but really expensive city. Went down there and saw how a professional photographer shot in an environment just made for photos. I was actually more amazed at his story, a model in the 1980’s, turned house music DJ, to photographer. The photos that I took (leeched) off the side should hopefully […]

Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2007

Hong Kong Association Dragon Boat Race and Festival September 8, 2007 | Olympic Venue, Clark’s Bridge, Lake Lanier It was another fun all day event at the boat race. I remember some of the past ones being rather tame, and to be honest, in the last few years, the increased Laotian participation has made it quite festive, with […]

RLCD Lao Cultural Dance Festival

Royal Lao Classical Dancers Lao Cultural Dance Festival in Nashville, TN.  The venue was this really nice Southern mansion near Opryland.    

Royal Lao Classical Dancers at ICLS

Royal Lao Classical Dancers at the 2nd International Conference on Lao Studies. Amazing dance performance from the RLCD all the way from Nashville, TN.  

Photos: 14th Annual Chinese New Year Show

    14th Annual Chinese New Year Show, Woodruff Arts Center | January, 2006 Event coverage for the Georgia Asian Times and the Chinese Business Association of Atlanta