Papaya Salad

Photos from our first Annual Papaya Salad (Thum Mak Houng) Contest!

Photos: LAS Ball 2009

It was another busy night at this year’s¬†LAS Ball, but it was a pleasure meeting former US Ambassador to the UN,¬†Mr. Sichan Siv. You’re probably wondering, what’s a party going to do to solve most of the problems in the world?¬† Probably not much of anything, but the ability to congregate as one community is […]

Lao Roots

Check out my work in Lao Roots Magazine. Based out of San Diego, CA, they provide articles on all sorts of Lao things. Betcha didn’t know there are Lao actors, Lao fashion designers, Lao skateboarders, and oh yeah, Lao artists…:)….REPRAZENT!

Art in progress: Refugees 2

The last piece for Brush Gallery.¬† Don’t know the direction I want to take the final CG composition, but the¬†drawing portion¬†took too long to finish, or rather come to a stopping point.¬† I started the heads before I got sick, it got left empty for awhile, and I spent all of today rendering the rest […]

Photos: Boston

…………You know…………there’s more to me than drawings and photos¬†of pretty girls………… I had a chance to finally view Jack Silberman’s very moving film on¬†unexploded bombs in Laos.¬† The film is called Bombies, and everyone should really check it out.¬† What’s that information doing on my page, a journal that supposedly only focuses on my random […]

Art: Mina

White and black charcoal pencil on Canson Bisque paper, 20 x 25″. This style of drawing takes awhile, but it’s actually¬†less time than my¬†CG style or the other black and white charcoal drawings.¬† The paper isn’t too expensive, and¬†it has a nice texture and takes the medium well.¬†¬†Although this paper¬†doesn’t allow me the range of […]

RLCD Lao Cultural Dance Festival

Royal Lao Classical Dancers Lao Cultural Dance Festival in Nashville, TN.¬† The venue was this really nice Southern mansion near Opryland.    

Royal Lao Classical Dancers at ICLS

Royal Lao Classical Dancers at the 2nd International Conference on Lao Studies. Amazing dance performance from the RLCD all the way from Nashville, TN.