Notes: …cold wet rain actually made for the best photos of the day.¬† Wet pavement always enhances out of focus streetlights that¬†add to¬†the dreamy bokeh.¬† I like doing inside strobist shots (since there’s music and heat), but¬†it’s¬†never¬†replacing environment shots with just one camera and a lens.¬† In the time it takes to fill up my […]

ATL Model Meetup

  ¬† Technical Notes: Nikon MF 50mm f/1.4 Ai-S on a Canon body.¬† Focus ring is nice and smooth, and the glass definitely has¬†the vintage look from that era.¬† Bokeh is quite harsh and somewhat distracting compared to the newer lenses,¬†and the lens aberrations can’t be fixed¬†with the Canon software, but get¬†over it, it’s digital […]

4th of July

Video of fireworks that surprisingly fit together well with M83’s “We Own the Sky”

Photos: Random 85mm 1.4 Tests

Technical Notes: Random tests of the Nikon 85mm f/1.4, first impressions are: ¬†it’s not as versatile as the 105mm 2.8 VR Micro for portraits, definitely not as sharp wide open, and the minimum focus distance is limiting, but the bokeh is¬†quite “painterly.”¬† DOF is so shallow at 1.4 that you can definitely “buzz” a person […]