Photos: Vientiane, Laos

Vientiane (pronounced Vieng-Chun) is the capital city of Laos, and not overpopulated, probably having about 400,000 residents.  Being drained from the plane ride, I only managed these shots before the day was over.  It’s an interesting place.  Some parts are still very poor, but the other modernized sections (with funding and aid from the Japanese and Chinese) will really surprise anyone.  Some of the parts of town with modern amenities remind me of New Orleans.  Step into an internet cafe, and you’ll hear American country music, see people sipping latte, and the cool air conditioning belies the oppressive heat outside.

The monument is the Patouxay or Anouxavaly, meant to resemble the French Arc de Triomph.  The paved streets are actually a pretty recent thing.  Laos is a country with so many needs.








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