Sok Sabai

w_bvong_siv_emoryHalle Speaker Series, Luncheon Presentation | July 24, 2009
His Excellency Sichan Siv, Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations
“The Challenges of US Global Leadership”

Random Notes: …Just wanted to post these photos because the quality of light in the room was very nice, not the usual incandescent dungeon that most people hold events in.  Another meeting with former Ambassador Siv, who gave me yet another accolade. 🙂 Great to hear anecdotes from his life.  Read his book, or check out his bio if you need some inspiration in your own life.  Made me wonder once again about the path that is either given to you, or you carve yourself.  Emory University…Coca-Cola, Doctors, Lawyers, Millionaires…here I am just taking pictures.  You know, I once applied for a job at Emory…never heard anything back from them…

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