Khmer New Year – Wat Trairatanaram – 2023-04-16

Khmer New Year

Wat Trairatanaram | April 16, 2023 | Atlanta, GA

Happy Lao / Thai / Cambodian New Year everyone! Here’s the first stop on Sunday, the amazingly ornate Cambodian temple off Riverdale Rd on the southside of Atlanta.  For some photos I went with a more pastel editing to complement the lovely colors of Khmer culture.  Thanks to everyone for posing, I hope my photos capture the fun of giving merits during thahk baht.

I didn’t stay long, but look forward to coming back for a photo shoot on the grounds.  I definitely see some some angles on the pathway in the front and the big tree during the fall.  The other buildings that are under construction will also be some nice architecture to photograph in the future as well.  Anyways, here are the photos from a nice cool morning:

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