Fall Photos + Fujifilm X-E1 + 16-50mm

X-E1 hanging out (Shot with a Nikon 1)

I really like this super light kit for wandering around.  Once you stop considering cameras for situations where they might struggle in professional/work settings they are all charming in their own way.  If the weak battery goes out on a chilly early morning walk, no big deal, just admire the falling leaves and sing along to “Seasons” by Chris Cornell.

I really enjoy working with the Fuji RAW files.  It’s very easy to take them on a color grading path that also works with or without digital sharpening.  The images really take on that “Fuji” look when the blues and cyans of skies are desaturated.

X-E1 hanging out with its ancestor/cousin the Fujifilm S5! (Shot with a Nikon 1)

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