Dragon Con 2017 Photos Set 1

Spider-Man: @MJ_and_Spidey

Dragon Con 2017 Saturday Photos Set 1

Another great time at Dragon Con this year. I was only able to attend on Saturday, but the weather was amazing. Thanks to all the cosplayers who posed! I’ll be updating all the names in the captions when I get a chance! If I’m missing someone, please send a personal message, or tag yourself in the post on Facebook. I’d definitely like to credit all the talented people in my photos.

Just a few of the old and new friends made: MJ and SAVAN @MJ_AND_SPIDEY | XPHAKDER | JEFF MCCLURE | JOHN HUYNH | @MarkKnightRises | VALXONIA | CALYPSO | GL1940

Technical Notes:  Didn’t roll with anything unique in terms of photo gear, just my normal Nikon outfit.  First time in a while that I didn’t duel wield Canon as well. 🙂  24-70mm 2.8, 70-200mm 2.8, 35mm 1.8, and 105mm 2.8 for all of these photos.  If anyone at Nikon USA would like for me to test the upcoming D850, I’d be happy to oblige! 😀

Spider-Man: @MJ_and_Spidey

Tony Stark, Iron Man, Tony Stark (Jeff McClure)

Maui: John Huynh


Wasp: Ramona Cassamo


Of course I had to get into some photos as well!  Thanks to the random folks that took our picture!  My highlight of the day was the amazing Dark Souls cosplay!!  Besides Tekken, the Dark Souls and Bloodborne series are really the only games that I play these days.  And yes, I’m representing my favorite movie “Sing Street” with my t-shirt.  Please give this movie a watch (it’s still on Netflix), perfect blend of songs with the theme of growing up.  More pictures to come in the next post.  Please share with your friends! -B


meHi! My name is Boon.  I’m an Atlanta based Artist.  I draw, I take pictures!

I’ve been covering events and documenting the multi ethnic Asian Pacific Islander community here in Georgia since 2004!  Feel free to share with the links below.  Thanks to all for posing for photos!

All Artwork and Photos © Boon Vong. For image usage feel free to Contact Me.

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