Banh Mi Cafe – Duluth, GA

3512 Satellite Blvd NW, Duluth, GA 30096

Opens at 9am-8pm every day!

I do love banh mi Vietnamese subs.  I once ate 5 on a college football game watching Saturday.  For some reason I kept on forgetting about this place 10 minutes from me, but instead would drive all the way to Lee’s Bakery down Buford Hwy or the one inside Hong Kong Supermarket.  So it is good to have a place close by with the: “Buy 5 get 1 free” deal!! 🙂  (A single sub is only $3)

Banh Mi Café has all sorts of the ubiquitous Vietnamese baguette sub, which we Lao people call “kow chee pate.”  I usually only order the shredded chicken and BBQ pork one.  They have other fancier ones as well.

The best thing about this place is that it opens bright and early at 9am.  If you don’t have to be at school or work at the normal hour, this is so much better than wasting money on a Chick-fil-A or Bojangles biscuit.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes those can hit the spot, but you honestly can’t compare fast food to freshly baked banh mi.

As always you can order it with the veggies in the sub or outside.  I can’t tell you how many people in this day and age simply don’t like a piece of carrot, or cilantro, or cucumber.  Wonder how we got to be that way.  I could see eradicating things like my dreaded allergy nemesis, the McDonald’s/Subway white onion, but veggies in a banh mi only helps with the flavor.  Brave adventurers do need to be mindful of the doom jalapeno pepper that always sneaks into a bite or two.  I’m Asian, I can eat spicy, but good lord the peppers of recent seasons have been storing the power of an angry mother nature.Boon ( and Christine’s 🙂 ) Review: Highly Recommended

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