Baby Nomm Nomm

Massaman Curry with Chicken and Avocado: ★★★★★

Notes:  I wonder if my journal/blog will still be around in the future for little kiddo up there to see these photos of her daddy.  Yep, Baby Chubbs, the bottom photos are the ones I took of your dad way back when,  See the resemblance?  It was all film too, ’cause that’s all we had.

You’ll notice a few guitars in the photos.  In the color one I think your pappy was strumming the intro to Smashing Pumpkins’ “Mayonaise.”  One of the defining songs of our generation.  Music was actually pretty good back then. We had Radiohead just emerging, Matthew Sweet in his prime, Nirvana Bleach and the Unplugged album being bookends to some good times, and how could I forget our equivalent of the Beach Boys’ “Pet Sounds,” Weezer’s first blue album.  So many more too where that came from, those songs were the soundtrack to our adventures and quiet times.

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