A Week at the Circus :)


Thanks to Universoul Circus for allowing me capture the people and moments during their recent show in Atlanta, GA.  It’s hard to try and photograph anything in a fresh way (especially since the Circus has been around for 20 years!), but here are some of the images that I personally liked.  The differences in cameras are slight, but the differences in the people that use them are tremendous.  Thanks to all the talent, performers, and workers for letting me into their world.  It was great meeting such talented and skilled people from China, South Africa, Chile, Ethiopia, Trinidad, Poland, Columbia, Cuba, and elsewhere!  If you haven’t seen this fun and very interactive circus, please give it a shot next time it is in your area!


Tightrope walker practicing on a warm day behind the big top

With lighting this nice, it’s not hard to take a good picture

Contortionists from Ethiopia

I have lots of the standard straight on angles, but in this one I like the color

With a repeatable schedule everyday, it’s a matter of timing to get this “newspaper” type of shot, elephants with the Atlanta skyline in the background

One technique I rarely use in event photography is the slow shutter zoom. Covering so many shows allowed me to take shots I wouldn’t ordinarily try.  These were of course done when the regular shots were already captured.

These more graphic shots I really like. Don’t know how others feel about it, but I think even in photography, folks can think sequentially and add exposition panels like this

This little guy was my favorite. 🙂

The opening night of the circus was actually on Feb 14th, Valentines Day. This gentleman worked it into an act to propose to his girlfriend. It worked out, glad I could be of service, to get the angle, and the shot!

Having already seen the acts many times, paying attention to the audience reactions is pretty neat.

Some shots from the simple backdrop we setup behind the circus tent.

It was very nice meeting everyone!

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