Art in Progress: Misa

…I guess I’m back…forgot how much I missed it, just sitting on the floor listening to music and drawing, not really thinking of the image itself, just everything that surrounds it…

A Mess of Things…

…Season 5 Finale…well, this one ends sooner than I’d thought…thanks to everyone who have followed along over the years.  This time I truly feel that it’s time to hang things up…try and forget about this “theme” and begin a new one, or perhaps just do nothing at all.  I’m an artist that never really kept up a […]

Art in Progress: Brenda

Notes: Nib and India ink…this is how I used to draw a long time ago…backgrounds and everything, not the big empty spaces of color you mostly see now (a topic for another day)…metal nib, one of the most inexpensive art tools a person can buy and so versatile with its mark making ability, truly made for the meticulous […]

Art in Progress: Sally 2

…charcoal on stonehenge paper…as always this particular style gives me time to process in my head other things besides the drawing itself…there’s this famous painting with a caption “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” (This is not a pipe)…sometimes painting is not to affirm anything…it just is…

Art: Amy 4

Amy 4 | Pen and Ink / CG …yep, sure does remind me of somebody…

Art in Progress: Christine

Notes: Pencil, Pen and Ink, and then these images were taken using an old Nikon 50mm f/1.4 AI-S mounted on a Canon EOS 10D via a Fotodiox adapter (of which more pix to come…)

Art: Busaba 4,5

Busaba 4 | Brush and Ink / CG | 12×18″ Busaba 5 | Quill, Brush and Ink / CG | 12×18″