Art: Figure Drawing

Kate 1 (20 minute figure study) 18×24″ Charcoal on Canson Figure drawing from life is a nice change from the way I’m currently creating art, and it’s definitely different from my photography.  Walk into any event featuring photographers, and you’ll have others asking you what camera or lens you use, perhaps trying to find a correlation between gear and […]

Art in progress: Refugees 2

The last piece for Brush Gallery.  Don’t know the direction I want to take the final CG composition, but the drawing portion took too long to finish, or rather come to a stopping point.  I started the heads before I got sick, it got left empty for awhile, and I spent all of today rendering the rest […]

Art: Dancers 2

Update: This drawing took an awful long time to color.  I’m hoping that it looks okay when printed out in large format. The title is Dancers 2, but the subject matter features just a few costumes of the many different cultures in the small country of Laos. The second piece for Brush Gallery.  Kinda lost my momentum when I got […]

Lao Art

What does it mean to be a Lao artist? I don’t know, but I did put some of my random Lao themed artwork in this portfolio:   Like I’ve already expressed, growing up Lao in America, you get the best of both cultures. There’s the graceful dances, food, a second language, and the respect you […]

Art: RLCD and Me

Royal Lao Classical Dancers and Me | Pen and Ink / CG | 18×24″

Art: Mina

White and black charcoal pencil on Canson Bisque paper, 20 x 25″. This style of drawing takes awhile, but it’s actually less time than my CG style or the other black and white charcoal drawings.  The paper isn’t too expensive, and it has a nice texture and takes the medium well.  Although this paper doesn’t allow me the range of […]

Art: Fawn Nang Keo

My drawings are on large paper, so I usually have to stitch the scans together and then I color it in sections, layer by layer.  In this particular style and method, which I’ve been using for an awful long time, you can get by with almost any version of Photoshop.  No need for the latest and […]