Yonah Mountain


Notes: This year the Fall season snuck up on me again.  This past weekend was probably peak time for us, but the rain this week (and most of this past year…) knocked off most of the colorful leaves.  Still scenic and calming though as I made the drive to the usual spots.  Minnehaha Falls was picturesque but I doubt any “model” is going to muck through the mud with me just to stand there and look pretty–and that’s one of the easiest waterfalls to get to.  Finally made it all the way to the top of Mount Yonah, which is Bear Mountain to the Native Americans.  I remember as a kid riding in the schoolbus and seeing its majestic peak off in the distance.  When the sky and light is right it reminds me of a Hokusai print.  For some reason I always remember 1996 being such a good year for color.  These days it just seems like Fall lasts about a week and then it’s straight into winter.  Maybe it’s just the sentimentality of old age. 🙂  I guess I processed the files with that same feeling.  Some of the scenes did not look exactly like the images in this post, on an academic sense even digital images, raw or otherwise, rarely come out the way you want them to.  In the end, you try to recreate what you wanted to see, as opposed to what was simply there.  In other scenes it is of course beyond the scope of any paintbrush, lens, or poem.

Technical Notes: Showcase pieces are from a Sigma SD14 and 10-20mm.  Processed with Silkypix Developer Studio and Sigma Photo Pro.  The images link to the high res versions, some of them direct exports from the respective programs.  The Sigma has quite possibly the worst LCD for previewing color, and the straight out of camera RAW’s are to be honest quite ugly as well, but after tweaking and fixing they can become pretty slick images, reminiscent of film.  If they could put the Foveon chip in a special Nikon body…







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