Holi Color Festival – Dunwoody, GA 2024

Holi Color Festival Dunwoody

Brook Run Park  |  March 24, 2024


What a wonderful show of music, fun, and color!  Great turnout for the first ever Holi celebration in Dunwoody.  Thanks to everyone who asked for photos and chatted with me!

How it started…

The night before I wrapped my 5(!) cameras in plastic wrap and gaff tape.  It didn’t last too long, as no one was safe from the flash mob!  So much fun though.  On a technical note I chose my Nikon cameras today for the color rendition that you can get out of the raw files.  If you want to photograph a Holi festival, definitely seal up the lens mount and various intrusion points with about 3-4 layers of plastic wrap.  The filters in front of the lenses will almost always get covered in the colored powder, lowering contrast and causing haze, so clean them off with a wet towel every now and then.  Definitely use a deep lens hood if you can, and hopefully everyone has an electric blower or air compressor at home to clean it all off when you get home.  Thanks to everyone for posing and wanting photos!

How it ended! 🙂

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