L&J: Pre Wedding

Notes: Almost a full day of shooting on this test run.  Thanks to everyone who came out and stuck it out through the warm weather.  Luckily the sakura and other trees were in bloom, and I tried to make the best out of local spots, from up the street to across town.  Another camera juggling fest as well, and […]

Atlanta Photo Meetup

Tech Notes: Was very dark at Piedmont Park, so an SB800 set on Master mode was used for its IR AF assist light to trigger an off camera speedlight.  All shots at f/1.4 and a long shutter speed in order to let the building lights burn into the image, with an intentional pan and motion blur for a […]


Notes:  Just some random gear talk.  Nowadays people enjoy talking about photography and photography related gear just as much as taking the pictures–or perhaps even more so…hopefully most of the shutter bugs out there drive their machines once in awhile. The iPhone 4 camera seems to have something like a ~35mm equivalent f/22 lens.  Which in visual […]