Location Scouting: Kent Rock Manor

Notes: Thanks to Kent Rock Manor for allowing me to photograph their lovely property.  Great place for everything from weddings to cinema.    

Location Scouting: Water Museum

Notes: Used the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center on many occasions, but always good to revisit with a different angle.  One of my goals is to record places for future reference, either for model shoots, or spots that might have cinematic or storytelling appeal.  Plus it gives me a chance to do purely composition based […]


Notes: “Team Neekon” for when we take photos…and “Team Jobless” for when we battle in Fat Princess!! 🙂

New Orleans: 4 Years after Katrina

  Notes: Sunrise over the Lower Ninth Ward.  Been down to New Orleans many times, and this trip just happened to coincide with the 4th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  In that same time period, with the now quickened pace of life, people can graduate, change their last name and have kids.  Sadly, for this area of […]