Steadicam Merlin Reel

Random Steadicam shots over the years from various gigs and projects.  I know some of them are rough, but almost all of these are one take shots in the field.  The Steadicam Merlin and 5D mk II and 24-105mm combo is a heavy unwieldy one, and plus I always carry some side arm cameras for stills, further adding to my aching bones. 🙂

I’ve always enjoyed the very real and honest type of footage from the Steadicam.  It moves in linear dimension and has the time aspect going for it as well.  When people cross by doing their ordinary thing, it’s like everyone’s an actor on a stage.  I still need lots more practice for sure, as again, this particular combo is a bit of a pain to setup, balance and constantly tweak.  Firstly you still have to shoot manual focus and hope that the main subject is in the range of the aperture you have the lens locked into.  The old doveplate from the Steadicam Merlin 1 blocks access to the 5D’s battery chamber, and every time I set it down to give my arm a rest, I have to trim the balance again.  But hey, the 24mm field of view sure does grab a lot of information, and you can produce story clips by just paying attention and being on point.  It’s hard to use, but well worth it.  In the future maybe I’ll splurge and get the full arm and vest, but until then I’ll just eat my spinach.

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