Màu Hồng

Photo of a Young Woman in a Pink Vietnamese Dress Ao Dai sitting in a Tree with Pink Blossoms

Notes:  There’s this tree on the side of the road I frequently drive on, and it sure is pretty every single spring.  Lots of gear for this spur of the moment shoot (for me at least), Nikon+Canon, Sigma IR, and different techniques as well, Nikon wireless CLS, radio triggered strobe, and the heat reflector you put on your dash as well, a reflector.


I also got a chance to test out the stills and movie mode of the DH2, aka, the Digital Hedgehog!

My Harinezumi Mini Review: It’s small.  It takes crazy videos.  I like it.

In short, any-thing can be used to take a picture, and any-where can be a photo spot.

Photo of a Young Woman in a Pink Vietnamese Ao Dai

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