Notes: Been a while since I posted anything Lao related…as you all know by now, I started off as the typical Lao kid holding the sign with his name in the refugee camp, was lucky enough to resettle in the good ol’ U S and A, grew up with two cultures, studied art, went back in time to right the wrongs—waitaminnit that hasn’t happened yet…Anyways, some of my photos are here in this PSA video talking about how important the Census is to Lao people.  We’ve been in this country for close to 30 years, some of us even longer than that.  Our communities are scattered about, and we are still a minority amongst minorities.  The least we can do is fill out a simple form that lets others know about our numbers, and perhaps later our struggles and needs.  It’s funny how so many kids I knew growing up were embarrassed of their Lao heritage.  They’d fudge the truth to friends about being Thai or mixed with other more exotic countries.  It’s about time we changed that.  Lao, Hmong, Tai Dum, Khmu, etc…REPRAZENT!! 😀

Produced by Asian Pacific American Legal Center of Southern CA (APALC), Center for Asian American Media (CAAM); and Laotian American National Alliance (LANA).

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